Grumman American AA1C

This plane was manufactured in 1977 and was originally powered by a Lycoming O235-L2C engine. This is a four cylinder engine that runs on 100LL Avgas and produces 115hp. This model is last evolution of the original Yankee designed by Jim Bede and produced by American Aviation. The take off and climb performance was as poor as the cruise performance is good, especially on a hot day. This was rectified by my substitution of a 160 hp Lycoming O320 engine. (Click here for details ) It now has a maximum take off weight of 1684lbs and cruises at 125 Kts at about 8 gpm. It is very well equipped for flight in instrument conditions, with a new panel although the range is limited for instrument flight with a maximum fuel capacity of 22 gallons useable.

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